We Party with a Purpose!

We Walk for Alzheimer's, Cancer (Relay for Life) and 4 The Animals. We clean up beaches, waterways and our own Adopted Street. We Collect Toys for Tots, Pop Tops for the Ronald McDonald House, dog and cat food for the Humane Society and spare change for this quarter’s charity.

Here We Are

We Pub Crawl to raise money for the American Lung Association. We cheer on lonely runners during Marathons, and we cook for Make-A-Wish.

Phriends and Phamily

We tailgate, We get together at the beach, Picnic at the park, and much much more.

Social Phlockings

Wastin' Away Again... we have our happy hours the 4th Thursday of the month... most of the time... location may change monthly.

Join The Party!

Check our calendar for updates or changes. Drop by after work and join us for a refreshing beverage, great munchies, Buffett tunes, and maybe you'll even get the urge to leave your footprints in the sand!
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Join Us On Facebook

Partying With A Purpose! Buffett & a whole lot more!: Phlockings, Pub Crawl, Buffett concert tailgating, Jimmy Buffett concerts, Beach Clean-ups & more!
Latest News

Latest News

You can hear it on the coconut telegraph, by now everybody knows. You can hear it on the coconut telegraph just who comes and goes... comes and goes, comes and goes!
Membership Application and Renewal

Membership Application and Renewal

Membership Terms & Conditions Membership dues are renewed every Dec 31st for the following year. You will receive a bill when your dues are up for renewal. Couple and family dues are based on persons living at the same address. Dues are not deductible as a charitable expense for federal income tax purposes.

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Hi fellow Barefooters! My Christmas CD just arrived! Check out these Deals--give the gift of summer time and Christmas time music To your favorite family and friends! Sale ends on Monday night! ... See MoreSee Less

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Did everyone see this?

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Kristen KociIt won't open!1 week ago
Judi Rae KesnerYes! So cool!1 week ago
Lilla WaltonCannot open it?1 week ago
Britt LanierMay be a have to be friends issue, try this: www.facebook.com/britt.lanier.5/posts/102080867336305421 week ago   ·  1
Terri NewmanAwesome!1 week ago
Craig HolmesVery Cool7 days ago

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Photos from last night's Phlocking. Tag yourself and others. If you want a nicer copy of the photo they can be downloaded from here:

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#barefootchildrenphc partied with a purpose to gather donations for Toys for Tots. Downloadable copies of the photos can be found here: plus.google.com/113237048868623266770/posts/4QMS2jYETe...

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Pamela ForbesGreat pictures1 week ago
Jody Veenstra WilkenGreat pics!!1 week ago
Olga DiLengeYou ARE a photographer! Great pics. Some are not tagable, do you know why? Not the individual person, but the entire pic. I'm so technolame!!1 week ago
Alexa LanierNo idea. Is it all of the pictures or some of them?1 week ago
Olga DiLengeJust dome1 week ago
Olga DiLengeSome1 week ago
Alexa LanierThat's really weird. Which ones?1 week ago
Judi Rae KesnerI just checked what Olga said and some are indeed not taggable. 1, 3, 5, and 6 to start and then there are about four that are taggable. That's as far as I got.6 days ago
Alexa LanierI have no idea what would make some tagable and others not. It shows me the option for all of them but I'm not surprised by that as it is my album. I'm not quite sure how to correct the issue.6 days ago

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