Meet the Phlockers

Every month we feature a club member on our website and in our newsletter. Meet our featured phlocker of the month, Ann Pearce.

  • NicknameAnnabelle
  • Occupation: Retired!
  • Hometown: West Hollywood, Florida
  • Why are you a Parrot Head? Grew up in South Florida, love the beach, water, palm trees and the way the air smells in the Keys… salty and clean… Tin Cup Chalice says it all!!
  • Favorite Buffett Song: Tin Cup Chalice
  • Favorite Drink: Most anything!
  • If I had unlimited moneyI would sail around the world and stop in the South Pacific forever.
  • What is your favorite Charity? Humane Society
  • What people don‛t know about me is… 7 Years in the United States Marine Corps and former Barrel Racer.
Ann Pearce

Ann Pearce

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